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Pseudo Nouveau / Fifty-Fifty

Sneakster // Robin Guthrie

CD Album, Released March 2000
Shadow Records (SDW076.2)

Tracks 10, 11 and 12 remixed by Robin Guthrie.


  1. Whiteaway
  2. Fireheart
  3. Splinters
  4. Full Of Echoes
  5. Stolen Letter
  6. Trust & Blush
  7. Static
  8. Heavy Heat, Heavy Time
  9. Sweet Melody
  10. Fireheart
  11. Stolen Letter
  12. Kinda Blue


“I'd been a fan of Mark Clifford since the Seefeel days. He found Sophie and made Pseudo Nouveau and while it was a lovely record, in my head I heard more. So I asked them if I could mess around a little with their work and, voila, Fifty-Fifty...”