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Yu-Ra – Innocent Time

CD Single, Released March 1998
Ki/oon Sony (KSD2 1180)

Produced by Robin Guthrie.


  1. Innocent Time
  2. 永遠の手紙
  3. Innocent Time (Instrumental)


From the sleeve notes for Yu-Ra's “Snow Doll”:

“I really had not much of an idea of Japanese music because in Europe people are more reluctant to accept artists who do not sing in English. I'm sad about that because through Yu-Ra I have confirmed what I always believed to be true, that emotion and passion in music has no linguistic boundaries.

I mean when Kumi and Ritsuko sing you feel and you understand. When I first heard Yu-Ra I heard a voice... being carried by music... that told a story defined by the atmosphere... I closed my eyes and this music transported me around the world to place high and low, far and wide. Then I thought to myself, that I would like to be part of that... The next thing I knew is I have two very beautiful, but shy and nervous girls in my sutdio wanting to make a record. My Japanese vocabulary at that time only consisted of various varieties of fish therefore the assitance of my long time colleague Mitsuo Tate was needed.

These girls are very talented with a clear idea of what they want to achieve. I'd like to explain that my role in producing was that of a conduit, filtering their idea's through me and refining the atmospheres.

I believe that we pushed some songs in a different direction from where they had been going and we introduced many instruments not before used by Yu-Ra... And most fun of all... I play guitar on several tracks of ‘Beyond the Pale’. I like this record... I hope you like it too oh, and I had fun making it...”