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Honeychild Coleman – HALO INSIDE (Come la Luna)

CD Album, Released December 2008
Matteite / Infecta Suoni Affini (Venus) Records (CD MTTTE 0003-2008)

Features guitar by Robin Guthrie on the track ‘December’.


  1. Callus
  2. Inside (Trois) (w/Gracefully)
  3. Friend
  4. December (feat. Robin Guthrie)
  5. Torch Song
  6. Headlock (feat. NatureBoy™ Jim Kelly and DJ Olive)
  7. Orange (w/Molecule)
  8. Never Goin Home Again (feat. NatureBoy™ Jim Kelly)
  9. Your Idea Of Time (w/The Mad Professor)
  10. Molasses
  11. Grow A Tree (w/I Dub NY)
  12. Halo Inside