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Animated Film, Premiered 2003

Shot on multiple media, DV, 16mm, Super 8, Hi-8, VHS, Betacam SP, Stills.
© 2003


I made Lumière in 2003 after setting myself the challenge to apply the techniques that I use in music production to the visual form in the form of a half hour film. This involved creating several vignettes, avoiding an obvious narrative, distorting images and using multiple layers, much as I do when I create music. The film was never intended for any wider exposure than at my live concerts. Originally I had written some music specifically for some parts of the film, but, as I took the approach of revising the film much like updating software, the original music became less relevant than the images and I decided to be more fluid with the choice of music I performed with it. The final version v3.5 was 53 minutes long and last performed 28.03.08 at Mar Del Plata, Argentina.