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Animated Film, Premiered 2008

Shot on multiple media, DV, 16mm, Super 8, Hi-8, 35mm Stills, Digital Stills, Lomo, Eyeclops and Polaroid.
© 2008


After making several revisions of Lumière and after performing with it extensively, I began to feel like it was time to express something different visually. I wanted to take a different approach, to make this film 55 minutes long initially and I wanted to make it a much more rich and dense experience for the viewer than Lumière. I wanted to create something which tricked the eye, something which, at times, overloaded the senses with information, while still retaining and further developing the style I had established with Lumière. And also, more importantly I wanted to learn some new techniques, or perhaps what trained film makers would call 'the basics'.. Thus in early 2008 I started to shoot and compile source material for Galerie. I wasn't counting but I estimate that there several thousand images involved and countless hours of film. The longest part of the process was the composition and editing, due to me using so many layers of images. The colour correction was also very resource hungry, involving all my computers network rendering. Yes, I learned a few things making this film... The content, I still tried to assemble into vignettes, each small part having scenes and images making which made a strange sort of sense without becoming too narrative. The juxtaposing of colours and images again echo my music production technique. I first performed with Galerie on September 17 2008 at the Scopitone Festival in Nantes, France.